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Our kids are growing up before our eyes - every year they get a little taller, they eat more food, they learn more skills, and hopefully get a little wiser too.

Some of this growing is obvious, like when the doctor hands you a growth chart at their yearly checkup, or when you see bangs hanging in front of their eyes that need a trim, or they tell you, “I finished a chapter book today!” when you’re pretty sure they were just learning to sing their ABCs not too long ago.

There is another type of growing that we don’t see that is even more important. That is how deep our kid’s roots in Christ are growing. We may not be able to see their roots, but we can see their fruit.

Are they reading God’s Word every day? Help them take the time to read from a Bible that is made for their reading level or read Bible stories to a younger sibling. Pick a verse or passage to read and discuss as a family during dinner, or on your way to school. If you are intentional about reading the Bible, then they will be too.

How about Relationships? They need to build relationships with family and friends, but also within the church. Church is fun when you’re looking forward to seeing your friends. Try inviting over another family from church or playing at a park together. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to play on our playground together too.

Do you encourage them to give an Offering? If they don’t have money to give, help them find change around the house, or offer to pay them for an extra chore. Be sure to explain the importance of giving back to God, because He gives to us first. Even if they only have a couple of pennies, they are still learning what it means to give.

Have they seen what it means to Worship? At church, they are watching you as you sing, clap, and raise your hands in praise. As you praise God wholeheartedly, you are setting a wonderful example. Try worshiping at home too - listening to Christian music, praying out loud as a family, and thanking God in every moment.

What kind of Impact are they making outside of church? There are so many ways to be a light to the world — donating toys or clothes to those in need, helping serve food to the homeless, picking up trash at a local park, offering to help with your neighbor’s yard work. The list goes on and the more that we do, the more we reach others with Christ’s love.

Are they able to talk to others about Jesus and help them experience a New Life in Christ? Ask them to invite their friends to church on Sunday morning, or to a fun church event. They don’t need to have a long discussion; it can be as simple as telling the grocery store cashier that “Jesus loves you.” 

Can they use the Gifts God has given them to serve in church? They may be young, but they are still a part of the Body of Christ and can join a team. They can help collect bottles from the trash cans for recycling, or hand out snacks after church, or be a greeter - welcoming each person in with a warm and precious smile.

These habits are ways that our kids (and us too) are GROWING deeper roots in Jesus Christ. We are Growing in God’s Love together, encouraging one another and helping to build up His Kingdom.

Thank you, God, for entrusting us with these precious children and helping us all GROW in You!

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7 

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